Conferences, Forums & Outreach

Making Health Connections

As a leader in domestic health policy research, the Program on U.S. Health Policy makes it a priority to seek forums through which to share our research and partner in health innovation.

Jonathan Skinner and Jeffrey Sturchio

We hold conferences and forums on current issues in U.S. health care and health policy. Recent examples include:

Media Outreach and Health Forums

We connect with members of the media to cover key health policy topics. In addition, we host or participate in forums convening researchers and policy stakeholders. 

2014 Congressional Health Policy Briefing: "How Low Can We Go? Bending the Health Care Cost Curve"

Featuring Uwe Reinhardt, Janet Currie and Heather Howard. In May 2014 three of CHW’s distinguished faculty members at Princeton University hosted a congressional briefing entitled "How Low Can We Go? Bending the Health Care Cost Curve". More than 50 people from Congressional offices and Washington, D.C. attended the briefing, following by a Q&A session. 

View presentations and handouts from the event.

Special Issues in Health Policy Journals

As part of our mission to empower those addressing critical health issues, we publish policy-relevant work in important academic journals.

Future of Children: "Policies to Promote Child Health" - May 2015 volume and conference

CHW partnered with the Future of Children journal to produce a special issue on preventing children’s health problems: Janet Currie and Nancy Reichman, eds. "Policies to Promote Child Health.” Special issue, Future of Children 25, no. 1 (2015). 

Highlights from the volume were presented and discussed at the May 2015 conference "Policies to Promote Child Health: Ways in Which Schools and Communities Can Promote Child Wellness".