National Institute On Aging Roybal Center

CHW was home to the National Institute on Aging Roybal Center, also called the Center for Translational Research on Aging. Its overall goal was to enhance the ability to understand numerous facets of the aging process, by clearly separating actual experiences of daily life from the cognitive processes that give rise to reports of life satisfaction or overall happiness. Research was conducted by CHW faculty affiliates and collaborating faculty at other universities who were awarded small pilot projects.

Nineteen projects were funded. Pilot projects included:

“Small Area Variations in Mental Health Treatment: Towards New Measures of Prescribing Patterns and Patient Wellbeing” Principal Investigators: Janet Currie Princeton University and Bentley MacLeod Columbia University

“Toward New Evaluative Well-Being Questions” Principal Investigators: Marc Fleurbaey, Princeton University with Dan Benjamin, Jakina Debnam and Ori Heffetz, Cornell University

“Does Being Surveyed Affect Subsequent Reports of Subjective Well-Being?” Principal Investigators: Johannes Haushofer and Jeremy Shapiro Princeton University

“Interactions Between Economic Status, Psychological Well-Being, and Age: Analysis of an Unconditional Cash Transfer Trial in Kenya” Principal Investigators: Johannes Haushofer and Jeremy Shapiro Princeton University

"Income Inequality, Happiness Inequality, and Dimensions of Wellbeing" Principal Investigator: Johannes Haushofer Princeton University

“Mobile Phone Sensing to Predict Depression: An Analysis of Experiential Well-Being in Kenya” Principal Investigators: Johannes Haushofer and Chaning Jang Princeton University

“An In-Depth Examination of DRM-EMA Concordance” Principal Investigators: Joseph E. Schwartz Stony Brook University and Arthur A. Stone University of Southern California

"Perceptions and Realities of the Effects of Negative Life Events on the Subjective Wellbeing of the Rich and Poor" Principal Investigators: Eldar Shafir and Nathan Cheek Princeton University

“Digging Into the Age Gradients of Evaluative and Experiential Well-Being” Principal Investigators: Arthur A. Stone and Joan E. Broderick University of Southern California