Josselin Thuilliez

Departmental Guest

Josselin Thuilliez is a Research Professor at CNRS and Panthéon-Sorbonne University and the co-Director of the department of Sustainable Development Economics at Sorbonne Center for Economics. His research focuses on the health and education of children, with a special focus on malaria in Africa.  His research methods encompass theoretical, experimental and econometric approaches. His current research focuses on the economic consequences of large-scale malaria interventions in Africa. He has also written about payment mechanisms, incentives for better performance in health care, economic demography and economic epidemiology.  He is affiliated with the Malaria Research and Training Center in Mali - where he is involved in capacity building - and with the Fondation pour les Etudes et Recherches sur le Développement International (FERDI). He received several fellowships and awards including a Fulbright fellowship (2016-2017).

 E-mail Address:  [email protected]