Gal Shoval

Visiting Research Scholar

Gal Shoval, M.D., has been serving for the past three years as the Director of the Child and Adolescent Division in Geha Mental Health Center affiliated to Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. He is an expert in child and adolescent normative and pathological development and risk behaviors, such as psychoactive substance use and suicidal behavior, with an emphasis on early detection and prevention. An additional focus of his basic and clinical research is the potential use of cannabinoids to treat psychiatric disorders. Prof. Shoval has held several key positions leading clinical and research projects on the Israeli national level, including suicide prevention plan among teen immigrants in boarding schools, enhancing accessibility of psychiatric services in schools, improving diagnosis of teen addiction and ameliorating medication adherence among different age group. Together with his Princeton and NYU colleagues, he is the winner of a CRCNS grant supporting a 5-year study on computational phenotyping of decision making in adolescent psychopathology, where the challenge of comprehensive age-normed neurocognitive evaluation is yet unmet.