Gilbert Collins

  • Director of Global Health Programs
  • Associate Director, Center for Health and Wellbeing

Janet Currie

  • Professor of Economics and Public Affairs
  • Co-Director, Center for Health and Wellbeing

Jeanne Altmann

  • Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Emeritus
  • Senior Scholar, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong

  • Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs

Ruha Benjamin

  • Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies

Carolyn Rouse

Professor of Anthropology
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Office Location: 
129 Aaron Burr Hall

Carolyn Rouse is a cultural anthropologist who focuses on how evidence and authority are used to validate truth claims and calls for social justice. Grounding her work is her interest in racialization or how race is understood, categorized, and made real within the domains of religion, medicine, development, and education.