Thursday, Mar 30, 2017
by Josselin Thuilliez and Yves Dumont
New research co-authored by CHW Visiting Research Scholar Josselin Thuilliez is published in the World Bank Economic Review.
Thursday, Mar 16, 2017
by Tsung-Mei Cheng and Uwe Reinhardt
Shimkus is probably not the only member in Congress who believes that forcing men to purchase health insurance that includes maternal care is unfair; it represents what some have characterized as a war on men, as several conservative health-policy wonks also have argued.
Thursday, Mar 2, 2017
by Alex Wheatley '16
In this spotlight, Jack Ching reflects on his experience with the Global Health Program.
Monday, Feb 20, 2017
by Center for Health & Wellbeing
A new study co-authored by Alin Coman investigates the impact that social exclusion can have on willingness to believe exaggerated and misleading reports.
Friday, Feb 17, 2017
by Center for Health & Wellbeing
A recent story highlighted findings by Anne Case and Angus Deaton on mortality trends among middle age white Americans.
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017
by Justine Conoline
The Health Scholars are juniors who will receive financial support for internships and senior thesis research that relate to domestic and international health care and health policy.
Thursday, Jan 26, 2017
by Michael Hotchkiss, Office of Communications
Research from Tom Vogl suggests that policymakers in Brazil and across the developing world should pay more attention to the negative health impact of pollution from fires that are often part of traditional farming techniques, even though the pollution doesn't usually reach levels considered dangerous by industrial standards.
Monday, Jan 23, 2017
by Alex Wheatley '16
In this spotlight, BJ Sullivan explains how GHP helped him develop a holistic perspective.
Thursday, Jan 19, 2017
by Wendy Plump for the Office of the Dean for Research
New research explores the behavioral aspects of policies that combat poverty, school bullying, discrimination and many other issues.
Thursday, Jan 19, 2017
by Emily Aronson, Office of Communications
A new article on postdoctoral fellows features Amy Krauss and Alecia McGregor.