Monday, Nov 22, 2021
This article about Sen. Josh Hawley's "misplaced rage" references research by CHW affiliates Anne Case and Angus Deaton, who point to rising health care costs as a key factor in rising unemployment among men.
Thursday, Nov 18, 2021
CHW affiliate Paul Starr offers perspective on why presidents have tried and failed to curb the price of medicines despite strong public support for the idea. 
Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021
CHW affiliate Ruha Benjamin joined other higher education leaders to discuss solutions for addressing digital equity, enrollment declines and privacy protection. Benjamin's keynote speech at EDUCAUSE 2021 covered how emerging technologies — without thoughtful design — can deepen social injustice.
Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021
Fully funded in-person summer internships across all disciplines are now open for Princeton students. Application deadline is December 6. Click for more details!
Friday, Nov 12, 2021
President Biden has asserted that many Nobel laureate economists agree that his "Build Back Better" plan would reduce inflation. Is that true? In this fact-checking analysis, CHW affiliate Angus Deaton chimes in.
Thursday, Nov 11, 2021
Salon recently interviewed CHW affiliate Keith Wailoo about his new book, "Pushing Cool: Big Tobacco, Racial Marketing, and the Untold Story of the Menthol Cigarette," which addresses the evolution of targeted tobacco marketing in America.
Monday, Nov 8, 2021
The pandemic has exposed the disproportionate burdens women often shoulder in caring for children or aging parents and highlighted their vital role in America’s labor force. CHW affiliate Janet Currie addresses why so many women have delayed a return to the workplace, even as the job market rebounds.
Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021
The Global Health Program is delighted to introduce its three new student representatives from the Class of 2023: Maryam Kamel (Molecular Biology), Sydnae Taylor (Anthropology), and Varun Devraj (Molecular Biology).
Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021
The menthol cigarette is intricately linked to racial marketing. In this podcast, CHW affiliate Keith Wailoo talks about his new book, "Pushing Cool," which pulls back the curtain on the hidden persuaders who shaped menthol buying habits and racial markets across America.
Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021
Coronaviruses discovered in Laotian bats are surprisingly adept at infecting human cells, showing that such deadly features can indeed evolve outside of a lab. CHW affiliate Jessica Metcalf and other scientists weigh in on the finding and its implications for the charged debate over Covid's origins.