Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015
Over the past half-century, Medicare and Medicaid have become bedrocks of the U.S. health care system. But in the debate about these policies, myths have emerged. Now is the chance to set the record straight.
Wednesday, Jul 15, 2015
by B. Rose Huber
Rebecca Levine '01 worked alongside community health worker Christopher Sandi in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone. Here, Sandi shares notes from the field.
Monday, Jul 13, 2015
by Woodrow Wilson School

In an online conversation, Janet Currie describes findings of her study on how doctors make decisions on management of a heart attack, and what this means for patient outcomes.

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Tuesday, Jul 7, 2015

The Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) is an interdisciplinary unit within the Woodrow Wilson School, which seeks to foster research and teaching on the multiple aspects of health and wellbeing in both developed and developing countries.

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Monday, Jul 6, 2015

CHW faculty affiliates engage in an array of multidisciplinary research projects investigating health and health policy issues at home and abroad.

Sunday, Jul 5, 2015

Home to an impressive roster of global health researchers and educators, we host a growing repository of influential publications in the field of global health and health policy.

Saturday, Jul 4, 2015

Our education initiatives span certificate programs for undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals, as well as research support and internship opportunities.

Friday, Jun 26, 2015

Heather Howard comments on implications of the Supreme Court's latest ruling on the Affordable Care Act:

Monday, Jun 8, 2015
Global Health Program faculty Carolyn Rouse and alumna Kim Bonner discussed the Ebola crisis in a Google Hangout On Air: June 10th @ 12pm EDT.
Wednesday, Jun 3, 2015
Pavithra Vijayakumar, Michael Kochis and Alexandra Junn are co-recipients of the 2015 Global Health & Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize.