Monday, Aug 9, 2021
Only about 15 percent of U.S. medical students are from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, even though these groups make up about 33 percent of the general population. In a recent interview, CHW affiliate Keith Wailoo addresses structural inequalities and biases that drive underrepresentation and approaches that can help remedy it.
Friday, Aug 6, 2021
Economic disparities affect the health, wellness, and success of children even before they are born. Expanding social welfare programs could help to break this cycle, Janet Currie testified at the first hearing of the U.S. House Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth on July 29. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in attendance.
Friday, Jul 30, 2021
New research by CHW Co-Director Janet Currie is featured in this Tradeoffs article examining the impact of urgent care centers on Medicare spending and health care utilization.
Friday, Jul 30, 2021
by Aimee Bronfeld, Center for Health and Wellbeing
In a recent interview, CHW affiliate Arun Hendi shares his fascination with population dynamics while highlighting some of his latest research examining geographic, socioeconomic and racial inequalities in health and mortality.
Monday, Jul 26, 2021
CHW affiliate Ruha Benjamin is recognized by NJBIZ for her work as founder and director of the Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab, which studies the intersection of scientific achievement, technology and medicine on one hand, and society, race and culture on the other.
Friday, Jul 23, 2021
by Aimee Bronfeld, Center for Health and Wellbeing
Visiting from Israel's Tel Aviv University and Geha Mental Health Center, Gal Shoval, M.D. is engaged in collaborative research at Princeton. In this Spotlight, Dr. Shoval discusses the project behind his visit, his specialization in adolescent and child psychiatry, and his ambitions for promoting stronger children, families and communities.
Wednesday, Jul 7, 2021
CHW affiliate Eldar Shafir is among six Princeton professors who shared their thoughts on summer reading and listening -- including books, audiobooks and podcasts. Some choices reflect their scholarly research and teaching while others illuminate personal interests and current events.
Tuesday, Jul 6, 2021
Half of U.S. fears another COVID wave even as optimism grows. Although people are ready for life to feel normal again, CHW co-director Janet Currie warns that dropping public health measures too quickly could come at a cost.
Tuesday, Jul 6, 2021
CHW affiliate Keith Wailoo helped put together a new Science Magazine podcast series on race and science.
Tuesday, Jul 6, 2021
A new study co-authored by CHW affiliate Noreen Goldman says that COVID-19 reduced overall 2020 life expectancy in the United States from 78.74 years to 77.43 years — a reduction of 1.31 years.