Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
Middle-aged Americans are reporting more pain than the elderly, according to a PNAS study by CHW affiliates Anne Case and Angus Deaton. This finding is confined to the 2/3 of the population without a four-year degree.
Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
New research suggests that the impact of natural and vaccine-induced immunity will be key factors in shaping the future trajectory of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, a vaccine capable of eliciting a strong immune response could substantially reduce the future burden of infection, according to a study by Princeton researchers.
Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020
by Aimee Bronfeld
In a recent interview, CHW affiliate Jessica Metcalf chronicles her passage from the shores of Madagascar to the front lines of global health. A demographer with broad interests in evolutionary ecology, infectious disease dynamics, and public policy, her research has surged into the limelight as the scientific community confronts Covid-19.
Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020
CHW affiliate Ruha Benjamin, associate professor of African American studies at Princeton, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, assistant professor of African American studies, have been named among the first cohort of Freedom Scholars, an initiative supporting progressive academics who are at the forefront of movements for economic and social justice.
Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020
by Janet M. Currie
Inequality before birth contributes significantly to health inequality in adults, argues CHW Co-Director Janet M. Currie. In this piece for Scientific American, Professor Currie addresses how Covid-19 has disproportionately hurt minority communities and why newborn health is especially critical during the global pandemic.
Wednesday, Sep 9, 2020
On this episode of AARP's Caregivers First, CHW affiliate Heather Howard explains how Covid-19 has had a cascading effect, shining a bright light on cracks in the healthcare system and the economy.
Tuesday, Sep 8, 2020
CHW Co-Director Janet Currie, Henry Putnam Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, was interviewed by Bloomberg regarding the lingering economic costs of Covid-19, which may persist for years.
Thursday, Aug 27, 2020
In this New York Times piece, CHW affiliate Keith Wailoo reflects upon the American Medical Association's history of discriminating against African-American physicians. He notes that exclusion from the A.M.A. meant the loss of career advancement opportunities for some Black physicians.
Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020
The 2020 Frisch Medal—one of the most prestigious awards in economics—will be presented to CHW Co-Director Kate Ho, Professor of Economics, along with her co-author Robin Lee of Harvard University. The award recognizes their 2017 paper “Insurer Competition in Health Care Markets."
Thursday, Aug 20, 2020
by Bianca Ortiz-Miskimen ‘22
Three CHW affiliates have received a $9-million grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct an innovative study on heart health, genetics, and social determinants among vulnerable children in 12 cities across the United States.