Seeking Sustainable Access to Effective Antibiotics

May 30, 2024

CHW affiliate Ramanan Laxminarayan aims to change the debate surrounding antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Through a new Lancet Series, he and his co-authors -- including Global Health Program alumnus Chirag Kumar '23 -- reframe the issue as one of sustainable access to effective antibiotics. 

According to Laxminarayan, an economist and epidemiologist, “It's about people having access to antibiotics that really work when they need them. And that requires thinking about resistance, access, stewardship, and how we use antibiotics. And it also involves thinking about ways in which we can prevent infection, so that we don't have to have antibiotics, and we don't have to worry about AMR in the first place.”

Laxminarayan is a senior research scholar at Princeton University; founder and president of One Health Trust, an independent research organization headquartered in Washington, DC.; and director of the WHO Collaborating Center on Antimicrobial Resistance in New Delhi, India.