CHW pain and opiates conference

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Center for Health and Wellbeing
Jan. 19, 2017

Writing for the Washington Post, Joel Achenbach highlighted several of the presentations that were delivered during the December 2016 CHW symposium on "Pain, Pain Management, and the Opioid Epidemic."  Achenbach moderated a panel discussion during the symposium, which featured a diverse group of panelists discussing these issues from a variety of perspectives, including a historic overview of pain, the public health crisis caused by pain management, treating pain on the front lines, and policy approaches that have been undertaken in New Jersey.     Read the article.

Conference Program

(Please click on speaker names for presentations.)

Welcome and opening remarks - Welcome Video

Cecilia Elena Rouse, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School

Jan Nicholson, The Nicholson Foundation


Panel 1 - Overview of Pain - Panel 1 Video

Keith Wailoo, PhD, Princeton University - History of Pain  

Jane Ballantyne, MD, University of Washington Medical School - The Science of Pain and Addiction

Moderator: Judith Glassgold, PsyD, Visiting Research Scholar, Princeton University


Panel 2 - Managing Pain: A Public Health Crisis - Panel 2 Video

Grant Baldwin, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - The National Perspective: Consequences of the Opioid Crisis and the Federal Response

Anne Case, PhD, Princeton University - Pain and Mortality

Angus Deaton, PhD, Princeton University - Pain and Mortality

Moderator: Joel Achenbach, Washington Post  


Panel 3 - Treating Pain on the Front Lines - Panel 3 Video

Mark Rosenberg, DO, St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center - Emergency Rooms: Limiting Opiate Prescribing

Rachael Evans, MD, Henry J. Austin FQHC - Primary Care: Educating Primary Care Providers at the Practice Level on More Effective Pain Management

Kathleen M. Foley, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Care - Cancer Pain & Opioids         

Paul Desjardins, DMD, PhD, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine - Changing Prescribing Practices in Dentistry

Moderator:  Richard Besser, MD, ABC News


Gary Franklin, MD, Washington State/University of Washington -Washington State’s Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management

Gary Franklin video


Panel 4 – Comprehensive Policy Approaches in New Jersey - Panel 4 Video

Jill Williams, MD, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - Academic Medical School: Implementing a New Curriculum with Targeted Education on Pain/Pain Management

Arturo Brito, MD, New Jersey Department of Health - New Jersey’s Public Health Response to the Opioid Crisis

Senator Joseph F. Vitale, NJ State Legislature - New Jersey’s Legislative Response to the Opioid Crisis

Steve Lee, NJ Dept of Consumer Affairs - NJ Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Moderator:  Joanne Kenen, Politico


Closing Remarks:         Janet Currie, PhD, Princeton University