Arbel Griner Honored with GLIDE Research Awards

Aug. 14, 2023

Arbel Griner, an associate research scholar at Princeton’s Center for Health and Wellbeing, has received two prestigious awards from GLIDE, the Oxford-Johns Hopkins Global Infectious Disease Ethics Collaborative. The initiative aims to foster collaborations and dialogues to identify and analyze “ethical issues arising in infectious disease treatment, research, response, and preparedness, through the lens of global health ethics.”

At the 2023 Oxford Global Health & Bioethics International Conference, Griner was part of a research team honored with the GLIDE “Global Health Ethics Leadership Award” for “sustained contribution to the field of bioethics.” The team, led by Prof. Debora Diniz and also including Luciana Brito and Ilana Ambrogi, was recognized for their dedication to advancing research and policy related to gender equity, reproductive health and justice, and other pressing issues. The group’s work has focused on the effects of the Zika and Covid-19 pandemics’ on women’s lives. Griner’s research, in particular, has explored the ethical intricacies related to the rise in maternal mortality in Brazil during the Covid-19 years.

Additionally, Griner and her co-authors were awarded the GLIDE Wellcome Open Research Gateway “Best Paper Prize” for their publication entitled, “Gender Inequality and COVID-19 Vaccination Policies for Pregnant Women in the Americas.” This work explores the disproportionate mortality rates among women in several Latin American and Caribbean countries during the Covid-19 pandemic. GLIDE Gateway is a new platform for publishing open access peer-reviewed articles on ethics, infectious disease, and global health.