2024 Senior Thesis Prize Winners

May 28, 2024

The Center for Health and Wellbeing proudly announces the three recipients of the 2024 Beth N. Rom-Rymer, Class of 1973, Senior Thesis Prize in Global Health and Health Policy. This prestigious honor, which includes a $2,500 cash award for each recipient, recognizes the most outstanding theses written by students earning a GHP certificate.

The 2024 awardees are:

  • Libby Blazes ’24 (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Measles in Madagascar: Assessing the State of Immunity and Disease Surveillance in the Post-COVID-19 World”
  • Rachel Chen ’24 (Molecular Biology) Ketosis Enhances Murine Natural Killer Cells’ Anti-Breast Cancer Phenotype In Vitro”
  • Kennedy Walls ’24 (Anthropology) – “Plea for Life: An Ethnography of Migrant Health and Militant Humanitarianism Under the Dublin III Regulation”

Four students received an honorable mention:

  • Aisha Chebbi ’24 (Anthropology) – “Inoculating Belief: Tracing Vaccine Hesitancy and Decision-Making in Muslim America”
  • Julia King ’24 (Politics) – “Against All Odds: Enacting Domestic Violence Firearm Bans in Conservative U.S. States”
  • Brian Li ’24 (Comparative Literature) – “Acquired Tastes: The Social Discourse of Disordered Eating in Pre-Modern Chinese and European Literature”
  • Leuna Sen ’24 (Molecular Biology) – “Novel Lipid Nanoparticle Formulations Co-encapsulating DNA and Polyamines for Global Health Applications”