2022 Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize Winners

May 24, 2022

The Center for Health and Wellbeing proudly announces the 2022 Global Health and Health Policy (GHP) Senior Thesis Prize winners: Nathnael Mengistie (School of Public and International Affairs), Brooke Redwine (Molecular Biology), and Maddie Winter (History). This prestigious honor, which includes a $250 cash award for each recipient, recognizes the most outstanding theses written by students earning a GHP certificate.

  • Mengistie’s thesis is entitled “Telehealth and Health Equity: Analyzing the Impact of State Telehealth Policies on the Use of Telehealth Services among Vulnerable Populations during the Covid-19 Pandemic.”
  • Redwine’s thesis is entitled “History is in Our Blood: Systemic Sclerosis in the Oklahoma Choctaw.”
  • Winter’s thesis is entitled “The Unprotected Public: The Pertussis Vaccine Controversy from 1982-1986.”

The following theses received honorable mentions:

  • Samantha Bents (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) – “The Impact of Covid-19 Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on Future Respiratory Syncytial Virus Transmission in South Africa.”
  • Beata Corcoran (Anthropology) – “Life on Island Earth: A New Generation of Kānaka Maoli Perspectives.”
  • Sean Edling (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) – “Disparities in Disease: An Epidemiological Analysis of Chile’s Public Health Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.”
  • Mansi Totwani (Molecular Biology) – “Breaking the Species Barrier: Investigating the Host Proteins Involved in Human and Murine Hepatitis B Infection.”