2020 Global Health & Health Policy Thesis Prize Winners

Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020

The Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding thesis written by a student earning a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy.

The 2020 Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize co-recipients are Rachel Kasdin (Sociology), Elisabeth Slighton (Anthropology), and Alexandra Wilson (Molecular Biology).

  • Kasdin’s thesis is “The Crisis of Stigma: Young Adults’ Negotiation of Racism and Homelessness in Trenton’s Health Care System.”
  • Slighton’s thesis is “Organic Local Theorists: A Patient and Provider Ethnography of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.”
  • Wilson’s thesis is “Establishing a Computational Model of the CO2-Concentrating Mechanism in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii.”

The following theses received honorable mention:

Jasmin Capellan (Anthropology) – “Living on Wheels: An Ethnographic Account of Disability, Sanctuary, and Kinship in the Dominican Republic”

Gabriela Oseguera-Serra (Political Science) – “Are They Going to Support Us or Not? Mexico’s Seguro Popular Program and Its Effects on Indigenous People’s Trust in Political Institutions”

Natalia Roszkowska (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) – “Improved Real-Time Disease Surveillance: Leveraging Google Search to Monitor Influenza and Measles Outbreaks in Madagascar and the United States”

Morgan Steelman (Woodrow Wilson School) – “On Bad Terms: The Effect of President Trump’s First Term on Preterm Birth and Prenatal Care Utilization Among Latina Immigrants”