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Innovation in Global Health Research

The Center for Health and Wellbeing supports and promotes research centered on some of the most pressing issues in global health and health policy. Get a sense of our work in action here, then visit our Global Health website to learn more about our educational mission and how students become a part of the process.

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Additional Media

April 2015: "Beyond the Doctor's Office: Improving Health Outcomes in the U.S. through Non-Medical Services" - Princeton Seminar on Global Health


March 2013: "Building a Multi-Sectoral Response to Non-Communicable Diseases around the Globe" - Princeton Seminar on Global Health


December 2012: "The Evolving Role of the Private Sector in Global Health" - Princeton Seminar on Global Health


January 2016: "Fear of Tiers: Finding the right balance of government oversight, transparency and the free market for narrow health insurance networks"


October 2014: "The convergence and catastrophes of civilizations" - Princeton Seminar on Global Health


December 2013: "Smart Power: Building Health Security in Southeast Asia" - Princeton Seminar on Global Health


Conferences & Forums:

Modern Plagues: Lessons Learned from the Ebola Crisis

The 2015 Princeton-Fung Global Forum focused on global health, using the West Africa Ebola crisis as a critical case study of a modern plague. The forum was held Nov. 2-3, 2015, in Dublin, Ireland. See video highlights below, and visit the archived forum website to see event details.

What's Next for U.S. Health Reform

On November 15th-16th, 2012, the Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) hosted a conference on the future of U.S. health care reform. See a highlights video below, and visit the conference landing page to learn more about the event, and to view videos from the range of renowned scholars in attendance.