Global Health Internships

Exploring Global Health Challenges

""The Global Health Program (GHP) supports undergraduate internships that explore multidisciplinary aspects of global health and/or infectious disease. 

GHP offers:

Funding Information

Funded Global Health Internships
  • Funding: All GHP internships come with a stipend intended to cover all essential living expenses plus travel to/from the internship site. Stipend levels vary depending on the internship location and duration.
  • Eligibility: Freshmen, sophomores and juniors currently enrolled at Princeton are eligible to apply to GHP internships. These internships are not open to graduating seniors, Princeton students on a leave of absence, or students at other universities.

How to Apply

Princeton students can apply to GHP internships using the university's Global Programs System (GPS), except where otherwise stated in the description below. For applications through GPS, click the button next to each internship description for details and instructions on how to apply. (If there is no button linking to GPS then the internship is not currently accepting applications.)

Key dates and deadlines:

  • Application open:  TBA
  • First round: TBA
  • Second round (for positions still open after first round of selection): TBA
  • Exceptions apply for Princeton-in-Asia internships.
Support for Unpaid Global Health Internships
  • Funding: The Global Health Program (GHP) also provides funding for unpaid internships that undergraduates identify independently.
  • Eligibility: Freshmen, sophomores and juniors currently enrolled at Princeton are eligible to apply for GHP internship grants. These internships are not open to graduating seniors, Princeton students on a leave of absence, or students at other universities.

How to Apply

For unpaid internship opportunities that relate to global health or infectious diseases, students must apply through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE) starting in February 2018. Do NOT apply directly to the Health Grand Challenge / Center for Health and Wellbeing.

Application deadline: Apr. 23, 2017 (applications are reviewed on a rolling basis)

For more information on the Global Health Program, please contact Sara Goldman at




Center for Health Policy Studies, Zhejiang University School of Medicine – Hangzhou, China

The Center for Health Policy Studies specializes in the following research areas: mental health, health determinants and outcomes assessment, health economics and policy, family medicine and community health services. This internship exposes Princeton undergraduates to the challenge of data collection, analysis, cleaning, and research in field setting, and some summer projects may lead to senior theses. Past projects have focused on topics such as dementia care models, health insurance, maternal mortality, and the effects of antimicrobial resistance.

Following basic field survey methods training, interns will design their own summer research projects and collect data in the practice base (including Lanxi County rural area, the urban Westlake District in Hangzhou, and Qinghai province) under the guidance of a Ph.D. student. They will then analyze their data and submit a written survey report on their research findings. Other intern responsibilities may include literature review, survey design and organizing interviews.

Applicants who have a basic knowledge of health and ability to communicate in Chinese are preferred. The internship will last for 8-10 weeks, with start and end dates to be determined.

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Chronic Disease Research Institute, Zhejiang University School of Public Health - Hangzhou, China

The Chronic Disease Research Institute (CDRI) at Zhejiang University School of Public Health is committed to conducting high-quality research on the prevention and treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other related chronic diseases. Currently, CDRI primarily aims to develop research on obesity and related chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Research at CDRI spans across many disciplines, including molecular biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine, epidemiology, health economics, biomedical engineering, nutrition and sports science research, etc. CDRI has also developed five research bases to support its research study.

Following a week designated for lab orientation and basic field survey methods training, interns will design their own summer research projects related to chronic diseases studies. For the remainder of the internship they will collect data in the practice base (Lanxi Cohort Research Base or Chronic Disease Intervention Base at Hangzhou Ziyang Community) under the guidance of a Ph.D. student, review the relevant literature, analyze their data, present their results and submit a written survey report.

Applicants should be able to communicate in Chinese, and those who have a basic knowledge of health or biology are strongly preferred. The internship will last for 8-10 weeks, with start and end dates to be determined.

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International Care Ministries, Philippines

International Care Ministries (ICM) is a non-governmental organization that has been serving the ultrapoor in the Philippines since 1992. In partnership with community leaders from thousands of slum communities, ICM delivers programs that transform the lives of more than 100,000 destitute people each year. These multidisciplinary interventions address values, health and livelihood.

Interns will partner with the ICM Health Services and Research Teams to analyze survey and operational data in assessing the impact of community-based health interventions.  They will use statistical and epidemiological methods to understand the outcomes of these interventions, and the potential underlying variables that are associated. Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills are required.  Interns may also have the opportunity to participate in health program design efforts, and may travel to project sites on islands in central Philippines to interview stakeholders and collect data.

This internship will give the student an opportunity to work with a real dataset collected through an intervention that is currently running in the Philippines. The households receiving the interventions live in extreme poverty, therefore the student will also get an understanding of the challenges associated with working in these contexts. As the interventions will continue to run, the outcomes of analyses could be utilized to benefit future protocols and delivery strategies.

Past projects also include: preparing frameworks for the revision of ICM’s primary health education curriculum (included qualitative assessment of feasibility and effectiveness in the field); regional epidemic mapping of health needs to assess the applicability of ICM’s health training; assisting in development and revision of current health intervention protocols; and analysis and evaluation of ICM’s overall data collection systems. Additional responsibilities may include writing or assistance with other program activities.  ICM is a faith-based non-governmental organization; however, interns may be from any background, and the analytical work is secular. Interns are not expected to participate in any religious activities.

This internship lasts 8-10 weeks, with start and end dates to be set in consultation with the intern.

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Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Pediatric Obesity Program - Memphis, Tennessee

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center/Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Pediatric Obesity Program develops, delivers, and evaluates pediatric obesity prevention and treatment interventions that are culturally tailored for the population of the Mid-South region. The Healthy Lifestyle Clinic provides multi-disciplinary care for children with obesity through a team-based approach (dietitian, exercise physiologist, behavioral psychologist, and medical subspecialists). The Metabolic Research Center conducts human clinical trials and basic science studies in mice to develop new precision medicine therapies for obesity and obesity-related health complications.

Two summer internship positions are available, one primarily focused on clinical research and one on basic science research. Specific project assignments will be tailored to the skills of the intern in alignment with program priorities. Willingness to work during some evenings and weekends is required for both positions. Both interns, regardless of research focus, will have extensive opportunities to shadow health care professionals within the clinic.


For clinical research, the intern will assist with research participant recruitment, preparation and delivery of interventions, assessment of outcome measures, data entry, statistical analyses, medical literature review, and presentation of data. Prior experience working with children and teenagers is preferred but not required. Prior experience in clinical research is not required because training will be provided for all necessary skills to perform assigned duties. For the basic science research, the intern will assist with studies on energy balance, glucose homeostasis, and body composition in mice with genetic disorders affecting the leptin signaling pathway. Prior experience with micro-pipetting technique is required. Prior experience working with mice is preferred but not required. This internship lasts 8-12 weeks, with start and end dates to be determined

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Mpala Research Centre - Laikipia, Kenya

The Mpala Research Centre and Wildlife Foundation is located on the Laikipia Plateau in north central Kenya. The facility is operated as a partnership involving Princeton University, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the Kenya Wildlife Service and the National Museums of Kenya. Mpala facilitates and exemplifies sustainable human-wildlife co-existence and the advancement of human livelihoods and quality of life. Interns at Mpala will work on research that relates to animal and human health.


Past projects have included: assistance with research on the epidemiology and vectors of trachoma, a rabies vaccination campaign, a mobile clinic in rural villages in Tharaka County to provide family planning services, sampling mosquito larvae, visiting local primary schools and giving lessons regarding public health issues. Some of the past projects (specifically the rabies vaccination campaign) included more administrative work (writing proposals) than hands-on experience in the field. This internship lasts 9-10 weeks, starting in early June. 

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Oxford University Clinical Research Unit - Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

The Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) aims to have a positive and significant impact on global health and, in particular, the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. OUCRU's key areas of research are: Dengue fever; malaria; tuberculosis; influenza; enterics; HIV and HIV coinfection; central nervous system infections; animal health and zoonoses; pharmacology; and statistics, bioinformatics, modeling, and mapping. Projects carried out through this internship will address multidisciplinary aspects of infectious disease in clinical and/or field research settings. Past interns have conducted research on Japanese Encephalitis Virus, wastewater treatment systems, and the cost of illness associated with Typhoid fever. Specific responsibilities will be based on each intern’s skills and on project needs at the time of the internship. Typical tasks may include: data collection, data analysis, literature review, policy research, and writing for reporting purposes. There are also opportunities for clinical exposure, as the unit is part of a larger tropical diseases hospital. Past interns also had the opportunity to shadow physicians and see patients in the wards. This internship lasts 9 weeks, starting in early June and ending in early August.

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Telethon Kids Institute - Perth, Australia

Interns at Telethon Kids Institute - University of Western Australia Perth will assist with pragmatic intervention/clinical trials aimed at preventing and treating infectious diseases in children. A variety of projects are currently underway, and interns will focus on a particular area depending on their interests and skills. Current research includes understanding and eliminating barriers to vaccine uptake, clinical trials of empiric treatment strategies of gastroenteritis in Aboriginal children in remote settings, therapeutic trials for bronchiolitis in infants, and understanding and improving rotavirus vaccine efficacy in Aboriginal children. Interns may contribute to a range of research activities including study design and development, participant recruitment, data collection, management and interpretation of underlying immunological and microbiological mechanisms. Interested students should have a strong background in biological sciences as well as strong writing and analytical skills. Knowledge, experience or skills in the fields of infectious diseases, microbiology, immunology or biostatistics would be particularly useful. Interns should be able to work independently and a desire to translate research findings into clinically relevant practices. This internship lasts 8-10 weeks, with start and end dates to be set in consultation with the intern.

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Timmy Global Health - Indianapolis, Indiana

Timmy Global Health is an Indianapolis-based not-for-profit organization that expands access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. Timmy's work is founded on the belief that all people, regardless of who they are, what resources they have, and where they live, should have access to quality healthcare. It strives to make this vision a reality by strengthening the capacity of local health systems through short-term medical service programs and long-term health solutions. Timmy Global Health supports 10 community based project sites in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nigeria.

An intern with Timmy Global Health will assist with a range of tasks, including research on the most effective public health approaches for Timmy's areas of work, landscape analyses on similar programs' structure and pricing, development of an alumni network, research and writing for proposals and reports, ad hoc administrative support, and other small projects as needed. The intern will be working under the Executive Director and Director of Programming at Timmy, and should be ready to explore all aspects of a health NGO, from its headquarters to one of its field sites. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with high quality control, resourcefulness, maturity, top-notch communication skills and the ability to work independently. The intern will be based in Indianapolis, Indiana [with one possible trip to Latin America early in the internship*]. This internship lasts 9-10 weeks (with option to extend up to 12 weeks), with start and end dates to be determined.

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U.S. Peace Corps, Office of Global Health and HIV, Washington D.C.

The Office of Global Health and HIV (OGHH) provides technical and operational support to Peace Corps posts and headquarters offices to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities where Volunteers serve. It accomplishes this by proactively securing and managing the best available human, financial and technical resources; promoting excellent programming consistent with the capabilities of Volunteers; and capitalizing on the contributions of other sectors to improve community health programming. The OGHH Programming and Training (P&T) team supports Peace Corps posts by providing quality training and resources to staff and Volunteers; technical assistance to develop and monitor evidence-based programs; and external support to conduct process and outcome evaluations. OGHH is the primary arm of Peace Corps that directs the implementation of its role in PEPFAR (the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief). 

Possible Summer Intern Assignments include: 1) Programmatic Data Analysis related to how Peace Corps Volunteers can best implement effective OVC programming; 2) Strategic Programmatic Planning by developing a strategy on how Peace Corps Volunteers can address Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) across the life cycle. An intern would help with researching and meeting various organizations addressing NCDs and developing a strategy on how PC can best contribute to the emerging health problems; 3) Gender Integration into existing programs – There is a growing demand to incorporate a gender lens into PC current health programs.  An intern would assist the Gender Specialist in reviewing current programs and approaches and how they would best work both in our work in HIV/AIDS and Maternal and Child Health.

This internship lasts 9 weeks, starting in early June and ending in early August.

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Princeton-in-Asia Positions Sponsored by the Health Grand Challenge

The positions below are offered through the Princeton-in-Asia internship program, with stipends provided by GHP. They have a separate application deadline and require a different application. See Princeton-in-Asia website for details.

Population Services International (PSI) - Cambodia/Thailand/Kazakhstan
Population Services International (PSI) is an international NGO that works to improve the health of vulnerable populations through social marketing of family planning and health products thus engaging private sector resources and techniques. This position requires the combined skills of a solid researcher and someone with a very strong communications background. Responsibilities will include data analysis, research and survey work. Past projects have included: creation and analysis of data from a pricing survey for a new oral contraceptive pill, and writing a qualitative report on health-seeking behaviors of mothers with children under the age of five who had diarrhea or pneumonia. Possible internship locations include PSI offices in Cambodia, Thailand and Kazakhstan. This position is offered through Princeton-in-Asia.

The Grand Challenges Program is a collaboration involving the Princeton Environmental Institute,
the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

The Center for Health and Wellbeing administers the Global Health Program.