HHP Courses

Graduate Certificate in Health and Health Policy

HHP Courses

Certificate students are required to complete two core courses and two approved health-related electives (two half-term electives will count as one elective for the HHP Certificate).

Core Courses

SPI 597 Public Policy Approaches to Health and Healthcare

This course explores the professed and unspoken goals nations pursue with their health systems and the alternative economic and administrative structures different nations use to pursue those goals. The emphasis in the course will be on the industrialized world, although some time can be allocated later in the course to approaches used in the developing countries, if students in the course desire it.
Spring Term; Professor Janet Currie

(Note: SPI 597 will not be offered in the 2024-25 academic year.  SPI 566A / POP 566 Topics in Health: Global Health Challenges may be taken as a substitute core course.  It is anticipated that SPI 597 will be offered in the 2025-26 academic year.)


SPI 598 Epidemiology

This epidemiology course focuses on: measurement of health status, disease occurrence, survival, and the association between risk factors and health outcomes; design, analysis and interpretation of epidemiologic research studies; and bias and confounding. Other topics include synthesis of epidemiological studies, disease outbreaks, causal inference, social inequalities in health, and research ethics. The course will examine "individual-centered" epidemiology and "macro-epidemiology" to assess population impact and inform health policy. (Prereq: 507b/c or advanced statistics)
Spring Term; Professor Noreen Goldman

*Note: Students who have previously completed high-level coursework in epidemiology may petition the Certificate Director for an exemption from the epidemiology course requirement.


Health-Related Electives

The list of approved electives that qualify for Certificate Program credit varies from year to year. The current academic year’s list appears below. Two half-term courses count toward one of the two electives that are required for the Certificate.

Fall 2024
Spring 2024


Elective Substitutions

In exceptional cases, students may be granted special permission to substitute one of the two required elective courses with either a health-related graduate-level course offered by a department outside of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, or a Princeton School of Public and International Affairs graduate level course that is not on the list of approved electives.

Those who wish to receive HHP elective credit for a course that is not on the list of approved electives should seek permission from the Certificate Director before taking the course. Students are encouraged to consult with the Certificate Director about potential HHP courses as soon as they are identified. Elective course substitutions will not be approved after the third week of classes.