Can Mosquito Abatement Programs Benefit Public Health and why do individual behaviors matter?

Thursday, Mar 30, 2017
by Josselin Thuilliez and Yves Dumont

Mosquito abatement is a public good. A simultaneous model of mosquito abundance and abatement response is developed. We then use data from a cluster randomized controlled experiment conducted over the period 2012–2014 in urban areas of Re´union in France to study the impact of WHO-recommended mechanical elimination techniques, which involve removing sources of stagnant water around the house, on a number of outcomes, including objective entomological indices and self-declared protective behaviors. Empirical results document that households reduce their protective behavior in response to public control. This study holds implications for arboviral disease control, including Zika control. JEL: O12, I15, I25.

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