Demography of Aging Center

Factors that Affect Aging

The Center for Health and Wellbeing is home to a Demography of Aging Center, funded by the National Institute of Aging.

Research Focus

The Demography of Aging Center, started in 2004, fosters new research on:

  • Interrelationships between socioeconomic status and health as people age
  • Determinants of decision-making and wellbeing among the elderly
  • Determinants and policy consequences of increased longevity and population aging across and within countries over time.

An area of special emphasis is research on how HIV/AIDS is affecting the health and living conditions of the elderly.

Leadership and Projects

The center is directed by Anne Case. The Center supports a wide range of pilot research pilot projects.

Demography of Aging Center Pilot Projects funded by the National Institute of Health:
  • Adult Age Differences in Decision Making and Reward-based Learning – Jon Cohen, Lynn Nystrom, Ben Eppinger
  • An exploratory study of the occurrence of pharmaceutical-induced aging symptoms in the U.S. and Brazil – João Biehl
  • Another Hispanic Paradox? SES Gradients in Health among Hispanics – Noreen Goldman
  • Behavioral and fMRI Studies of Economic Preference – Jon Cohen
  • Communicating cancer risks to general, older, and underprivileged populations – Daniel Kahneman and Talya Miron-Shatz
  • Evaluation of Recursive Partitioning Methods for Measurement of Allostatic Load – Chris Seplaki
  • Family Reunification and Older Immigrants: Implications for Health and Social Service Utilization – Marta Tienda
  • Genetic Markets, Mood and Cognitive in the MIDUS Sample – Burton Singer
  • Height, Health, Cognitive Ability and Aging – Christina Paxson and Anne Case
  • Height, Health and Living Standards Across Countries – Angus Deaton
  • Hunger and Decision Making – Eldar Shafir and Elizabeth Paluck
  • Intertemporal Choice and Cognitive Control – Jon Cohen and Sam McClure
  • Mechanisms and Measurement of Motivated Taste Change – Jason Riis and Sam McClure
  • Mortality, Income, Wealth and Rank in Academia – Angus Deaton
  • Neural Mechanisms Underlying Discounting – Jon Cohen and Sam McClure
  • Non-invasive quantitative indicators of female fertility during aging in a highly social wild primate model – Jeanne Altmann
  • Non-invasive reproductive steroid hormone indicators of male and female aging in a highly social wild primate model: estrogens in males and testosterone in females – Jeanne Altmann
  • Novel longitudinal observational health indicators in a highly social wild primate model – Jeanne Altmann
  • Portable EEG/ERP Acquisition System – Daniel Kahneman
  • Social Status and Health over the Life Course: Evidence from the Whitehall II Study – Anne Case and Christina Paxson
  • South Africa Data Analysis project – Anne Case
  • Strategies for exploration in human decision making – Jon Cohen
  • The Determinants of the Distributions of Heights within and Across Populations – Angus Deaton
  • The efficacy of smartphone technology for collecting data on disadvantaged men with chronic health problems – Sara McLanahan
  • The Evolution of Age and Cohort Effects – Sam Schulhof-Wohl
  • Using Behavioral Economics to Understand Uptake in Employee Benefits Programs – Eldar Shafir


Anne Case

  • Professor of Economics and Public Affairs

Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan Cohen
  • Professor of Psychology

Angus Deaton

  • Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Emeritus

Noreen Goldman

Noreen Goldman
  • Professor of Demography and Public Affairs

Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman
  • Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
  • Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School