Past Events

Events Archive - 2017

"'Prep School for Poor Kids': The Long-Run Impact of Head Start on Health, Human Capital and Productivity"

"Using Market Mechanisms to Increase the Take-up of Improved Sanitation in Senegal"

Global Health Colloquium featuring Joseph Harris - “Achieving Access: Professional Movements and the Politics of Universal Health Care in Thailand, Brazil, and South Africa”

"The Mommy Effect: Do women anticipate the effect of motherhood on employment and preferences?"

"Disease and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from the Roll Back Malaria Partnership in Africa"

Global Health Colloquium featuring Andrea Graham - "Health heterogeneities in This Wormy World"

"Estimating Equilibrium in Health Insurance Exchanges: Price Competition and Subsidy Design under the ACA"

"Measuring Physician Quality" - SEMINAR CANCELLED

Wed, Mar 15, 2017,
12:15 pm to 1:30 pm

"Displacement and Development: Long Term Impacts of the Partition of India"

Up to the Minute Panel: Taking the Pulse of U.S. Health Care: 50 Days into the Trump Administration